Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fowlers Camp!

Sunday morning, we drive to Fowlers Camp to see if there are any open first-come-first-serve sites. We find that most of the camp is empty and very quiet. Site 32, situated away from the trail that runs next to the river, we call home for two nights.

After setting up our site and eating lunch, we head off for a hike on the McCloud River Falls Trail. The trail from Fowlers Campground to Middle Falls is heavily used by many folks wanting to see the Middle Falls. Folks will come in for the day to hike from the lower falls to the middle falls region of the trail.

We continue our climb up the trail to the viewing area for Middle Falls.

I had read that some young, fearless kayaker went over this falls this past April. He survived!

The McCloud River meanders for miles until it flows into Lake Shasta. We continue our hike to the Upper Falls, which isn't as impressive as the Middle Falls.

From the Upper Falls, we find the marker for the trail and hike to Lakin Dam Picnic Area. The dam is much small than I excepted.

The trail snakes close to the river with numerous places of volcanic rocks to scramble over-- and reminding us that Mt. Shasta is close by.

We rest in the peaceful clearing in the picnic area before heading back to Fowlers Camp.

Part 2 of Mt. Shasta / McCloud.

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