Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Room with a View

The road up to Fremont Peak State Park isn't for the timid RV driver. Only small RVs should attempt the drive since the road is narrow and has many sharp turns in the road. The views are spectacular, and that is what makes the drive up to the park well worth the travel. We were fortunate to pick an Autumn weekend which few campers ventured out to this park. There were numerous families who had driven up to hike up to the peak to enjoy the million dollar view of the Monterey Bay and the Salinas Valley, but after they explored the peak they soon headed back down to home.

This is a view of Fremont Peak. Next to Fremont Peak are broadcasting towers, which provided us with great service. 

We were fortunate to get a site that was easy to back into and had wonderful views of San Juan Bautista area to the Monterey Bay.

A view of San Juan Bautista and Gilroy with the Diablo Mountain Range in the far back right side of photo and the Santa Cruz Range far back left side of photo.

The view from inside our trailer back window. Many of the oak trees had mistletoe, which my husband at first thought were large squirrel nests.

After exploring the park and discovering that dogs are not allowed on many of the trails (which isn't written on the park information site), we spotted our trailer while walking around the Oak Point campground. We were camped at the Valley View campground. It's sad that dogs aren't allow on many of the State Park trails in California, while young kids can camp and trash sites with their empty beer bottles, cigarette butts, and food waste. We cleaned up the site above ours since the trash was being blown all over the campground. We picked up three trash bags of litter. There was no park ranger driving by checking the park or cleaning up sites. 

After a very quiet night and a very lazy morning breakfast, we packed up and headed home. This is a view taken while driving back down the mountain. 

Would we come here again? Only in the late fall or early spring before other campers venture out. The road up has warning signs of icy spots along the road where water from springs wet the road; so, winter camping is out. The views are worth coming back for another peek; but sadly, the no dogs on trails would make me think twice about coming here again.