Sunday, August 31, 2014

Hiking the Ridge

One of my favorite places to hike close to home is East Bay Regional Park's Pleasanton Ridge. Since I'm able to take advantage of the Augustin Bernal staging area, I use the trail from that location to enter the "Ridge". It is always pleasant climbing the "hills" (~ 1,600 ft elevation) under the canopy of California Oaks and California Bay trees while listening to Blue Jays squawking at you as you pass by their homes.

My husband, MeeOks, and I hiking along one of the trails as we are heading down from the Ridge. Doggy is almost pooped out.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tootling Around... my RV is what I would have loved to say, but unfortunately I don't own a RV right now. My husband and I do want to own one and travel around the States and Canada. I'm praying that it will be soon, within the next couple of years. For now, we are researching and reading blogs from folks that own RVs. Most of those blogs are folks that live in their RV full-time. I'm RV traveling vicariously through their blogs, and I'm enjoying every minute!

So, I will share with you places that I enjoy as I tootle along the byways. And I hope that one day you have a chance to venture to these places too.

This summer I made a trip back to visit my parent's home in Maryland. While there, I went on a hike with my younger brother on Northern Central Railroad Trail that runs beside the Gunpowder Falls. This is a picture of the Gunpowder Falls.

The trail runs from Cockeysville, MD to New Freedom, PA ( Around 20 years ago, my father and I bicycled the entire trail. My daughter, then age 3, sat in a child seat on the back of my bike. We started at New Freedom and biked "down hill" to Cockeysville. That was a special day for all three of us. I would love to cycle this trail once more.