Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Retreat

The Sierra Mountains was where we headed for two days of relaxing, exploring, and hiking-- a true retreat. Our campsite was again Black Oak since we wanted to hike around Crabtree.

There is a fire road from the campground with an outcropping of rocks that over look Beardsley Lake that we explored. This is such a beautiful place! I'll be dreaming all winter long of picnic lunches here while patiently waiting for our return trip in spring.

We were also surprised at the view of the canyon from this point.

Back at camp we rested while I planned for the next day's longer hike at a higher altitude.

Somewhere out there is the rock outcropping that we had hiked to earlier.

After a peaceful night's sleep and yummy breakfast, we headed to Crabtree Trail head to hike to Camp Lake and Bear Lake. The hike started with a climb up the ridge where we then followed the marker in the direction of Camp Lake.

Before descending the trail to Camp Lake, we were rewarded with views of the granite range of the Sierra.

We strolled passed huge granite formations as we made our way to Camp Lake.

We found Camp Lake to be a resting spot for backpackers that had ventured further into the Emigrant Wilderness than what we were planning for the day.

Since we found a couple of large groups of backpackers resting on some rocks near the lake, we quickly continued on to Bear Lake. Along the way we passed by more huge boulders, but this pairing was the most interesting we encountered.

The mile hike from Camp Lake up to Bear Lake went quickly. We were rewarded with a lake almost all to ourselves. This lake was gorgeous! We soaked our feet in the ice cold water and took a snack break. It was so relaxing and peaceful. We only saw three backpackers on the opposite side of the lake. 

While hiking from Crabtree trailhead to Camp Lake, we encountered numerous groups of backpackers. Our return trip was totally different.  We only met one man carrying a 70 pound pack.  Yes, he was loaded down. He told us his goal was 70 miles in two weeks. 

Just before coming back to the parking lot near the trailhead, we crossed over this sturdy bridge. At this time of year the bridge looks a bit excessive for the quiet stream below. I'm sure in spring that stream roars with abundant amount of water making it difficult to cross. 

After our 7.5 mile hike, we returned to a nearly empty campground. 

The next day, the campground closed for the season. We said our goodbyes for the season and headed home to eagerly await our return to this lovely place in spring.