Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend Hike and RV Project

Since it was Memorial Day weekend, we decided to stay home and work on an RV project instead of being at a crowded campground. Before working on the project, we took a day hike in Sunol Regional Wilderness. We did a 5.55 mile loop via the McCorkle trail and the Camp Ohlone Road trail. We made a rest stop at the Little Yosemite picnic area.

I purchased a new camp stove, Snow Peak Giga Power Lite Max, that I used to make myself a cup of tea while we rested and snacked before heading back to the car.

This is a photo of me testing the stove out at home prior to the hike. Don't worry, I was testing it on top of my glass stove top with the stove vent on high. The total weight of cup, burner, and fuel canister is just 6 oz! I wanted a light weight stove to take on day hikes. There have been many times when I have wanted a cup of tea during a rest. Now, I can enjoy a cup of tea while taking in the scenery.

Our RV project was making a blackout shade for the RV door window. Early morning sunlight shining in the door would wake me up - too early for my liking. My husband and I made a cover for the window that snaps on the door.

I cut out faux leather that would be used for the cover and stitched seam binding to the raw edge of the material. My husband removed the window frame so that he could install the snaps to the frame.

He then added the other side of the snaps to the blackout cover.

The blackout cover can easily be removed, and it sits nicely between the screen door and the window frame. This should take care of any early morning light shining into the RV.